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Cleaners, Water Proofing, Detailing

In this category you will find a variety of cleaners, detailing products, water repellancy, and waxes.  We have products for vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and boat cover fabrics, clear vinyl, eisenglass, and much more.  We feel these products are the top of the line, that is why we carry them!  I hope you will find that the correct product will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning your boat and increase the amount of time you can use it.  Thank You for looking.

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16oz. Fabric Guard

Fabric Guard 16oz. Bottle


Fabric/Vinyl Cleaner for Sunbrella Fabrics

1 Gallon Water Repellent

Aqua-Tite Green 1 gallon water repellent

1 Qt. Water Repellent

Aqua-Tite Green Water repellent 1 quart


Aurora Algex Bottom Cleaner for Aluminum - Gallon

Bottom Cleaner for Aluminum Boats & Pontoons 
Removes Algae, Barnacles & Zebra Mussels 
Safely cleans aquatic growth from Aluminum Boats, Pontoons & Props

16oz Alumabuff

Aurora Alumabuff - 16oz

Clear Polymer Coating for Aluminum
Streak Remover

Streak Remover for Boats, RVs & Trucks


BOAT CLEAN PLUS™ is a Multi Purpose Boat Cleaner!