Cover Parts And Accessories

In this section of Discount Marine Store, we have our various parts and accessories for use with custom covers. Here you will find cover boat buckles, support poles, rope ratchets and various parts. Thank You for looking at our store.

1" Black Delrin Cam Buckle

This is a good product to use for webbing straps.  It has plastic teeth to hold the webbing in place.  It is used with 1" webbing and is made of Black Delrin.  These items are sold individually. 

2" Hitch Ball

HITCH BALL 2"x 1"x 3"

Black Pull Cords For Stayput Fasteners And Zippers

Pull Cord has a 1-1/2" nylon cord attached to a plastic tab.

Bracket Boat Cover Attachment
Boat Buckle Boat Cover Attachment Bracket

Boat Cover Buckle Attachment Bracket

Ratchet System Boat Buckle
Boat Buckle Stainless Ratchet System Transom Strap

Stainless Steel Ratchet System Transom Strap Boat Buckle

Boat Buckle Standard Ratchet System

Standard Ratchet System Boat Buckle 

Standard Ratchet Buckle Boat Cover Att.
Boat Buckle Standard Ratchet System w/ Boat Cover Att.

Standard Ratchet System with Boat Cover Attachment Boat Buckle

Boat Cover Buckle 1" - LBV-1

 LBV-1.  It is for a 1" webbing strap and is Black. 

Buckle for Boat Cover 1
Boat Cover Buckle 1'' Small Version

1" Small Version Boat Buckle

Boat Cover side release Buckle 1''

Boat Cover 1" side release buckle