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Fill Location and extras

In this section of Discount Marine Store you will find a variety of stainless steel deck fills.  Here you will find our 2" or 1 1/2" fills for diesel, gas, waste, and water.  We also have your fill replacement lid or replacement key each for the 2" or 1 1/2" size.  All of our fills come with a lanyard to keep the lid close to the fill location

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W/Key Diesel Tank Deck Fill

stainless boat 2" diesel tank fill

1½ Tank Dell Fill Port w/Key

stainless boat 1 1/2" diesel deck fill

Stainless Deck Fill Port Waste

stainless boat 2" waste tank fill

2 Water Deck Fill Port w/key

stainless boat 2" water tank deck fill

1½ Water Tank Fill Port w/Key

stainless boat 1 1/2" waten tank deck fill