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Through Hull Outlet and Eyes

In this section of Discount Marine Store, we have our 316 stainless through hull outlets and our various eyes.  We have a variety of sizes and designs of through hulls outlets.  You will be able to choose the outlets that best fits your boat or sail boat.  We have several sizes for our bow and transom eyes ready to ship.

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1 Strainer Through Hull Intake

Stainless Boat through hull intake strainer

1¼ Hull Outlet w/Connection

stainless through hull outlet 1 1/4"

3/8 Through Hull Outlet
Stainless Throuh Hull w/Connection

stainless through hull outlet 1/2"

Stainless Through Hull Outlet ¾

stainless through hull outlet 3/4"

Through Hull Outlet ¾
316 Stainless Through Hull Outlet